Defining Requirements

Correctly identifying all requirements is vital. In supporting a client in this area, we would typically produce a comprehensive User Requirements document – a professional document detailing the absolute required facets of a new solution.

To generate this, we base our approach upon involvement, with key stakeholders establishing the ICT requirements in the context of a broad vision of integration. Our input is to ensure that these stakeholders are aware of the possibilities and their associated benefits and costs. Rarely does the outcome of a client’s review of its ICT position result in “do nothing”, but equally, we only present options for cost effective investment, where absolutely appropriate.

A typical approach to creating a comprehensive User Requirements document is to hold a small number of short and tightly focused workshops, involving appropriate stakeholder representatives, to enable us to accurately define and document those requirements.

The requirements document produced from these sessions will be sufficiently detailed to act as the basis for inviting potential suppliers and manufacturers, as appropriate, to make presentations of proposed solutions. On the basis of these presentations, we may refine the requirements document before offering it as the basis for procurement.
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