Installation and Commissioning

With schedules agreed and timings looming, the installation phase begins. This is closely coordinated with the project client team and the core supplier.

Pre-installation final checks are identified and undertaken - ensuring details such as power and network availability are in place where specific equipment is required.

Ansa-IT will work closely with the supplier to define the work according to the milestones and priority elements previously identified. A detailed and documented list of tasks will be assembled and used for the basis of implementation and ongoing quality checks.

It is important that all dependencies are identified and managed at this stage - including central services for networking and telephony and existing systems and processes that are to be integrated into the final solution.

As the process moves from installation towards commissioning, we work with the supplier to review checks, inspections and tests that they have applied to the subsystems and modules of the solution. We then work with the project client team to witness test those elements.
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