Specifying Solution Options

The requirements definition stage and subsequent report will likely include a number of options that provides flexibility, within the tender stage, for  would-be suppliers to be creative and distinguish themselves. In other words we are looking for added-value being offered by the prospective suppliers.

The requirements definition turns, at this stage, into the specification document. This document is prepared in a more technical manner such that the bid teams can use it to establish required specification and volumes of subsets of equipment.

The document is absolutely key to providing bidders with concise information regarding the requirements. We pride ourselves on the quality of these documents as we know that they are very important to the success of the bid process and engaging with the supply team.

Typically the document may be structured into phases of procurement and implementation and be ordered from infrastructure requirements through to that of end user tools.

It is the specification document therefore that becomes the key piece of information for the bidders – and the data which we judge their responses against.
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