Procurement Process

The procurement process is managed, by us, in line with the client’s framework or guidelines. This ensures correct procedure is adhered to at all times so as to remain fair and open.

The ultimate goal is to ensure that the goods or services are procured at the best possible value and they, at least, meet the specifications documentation against which the bidders will have tendered their responses.

The prospective list of bidders is formed at this stage – possibly against a list of approved suppliers that the client maintains. The formal process of issuing the tender documentation, defining timescales for responses and providing a Q&A mechanism occurs now.

Responses are evaluated upon return. We will technically review the responses primarily and then engage with the client team to assess all factors – including budgetary and conformance with the specification. Any added value options will be reviewed to ascertain need. Important elements of warranty and ongoing support – and recurring costs - must be fully assessed at this stage.

It is likely that a weighting process is then applied to all of the responses to help gauge the successful order of the responses.

The successful bidder or bidders will then be contacted to ensure that the very best value is being offered. We will seek all clarification regarding any questions that arise from bid documents and approach.
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